Body Treatments

Deluxe Body Wraps and Scrubs

Remove toxins balance and nurture your skin with one of our body treatments at Spa in House Experience. All of our Deluxe Body Wraps can be customized according to your preferences and needs. Make an appointment today!

Treatment 30 min 60 min
Spa Marine Body Scrub 68 USD 98 USD
World of Nature Body Scrub 68 USD 98 USD
Delicious Pure Corn Body Scrub 68 USD 98 USD
Avocado & Yogurth Body Scrub 98 USD
Volcanic Clay Body Wrap 98 USD
Treatment 90 min
Refreshing Cucumber Body Wrap 148 USD
Moisturizing Chocolate Body Wrap 148 USD
Tropical Banana Body Wrap 148 USD
Detoxifying Coffe Contour Body Wrap 148 USD
Swaweed Body Wrap 148 USD